Pulling back information geometry

Georgios Arvanitidis, Miguel González-Duque, Alison Pouplin, Dimitris Kalatzis, Søren Hauberg

arXiv preprint, 2021


Denoising adversarial autoencoders: classifying skin lesions using limited labelled training data [PDF]

Antonia Creswell, Alison Pouplin and Anil Bharath

IET Computer Vision, 2018


Approximating the solution to wave propagation using deep neural networks

Wilhelm Sorteberg, Stef Garasto, Alison Pouplin, Chris Cantwell and Anil Bharath

Workshop: Modeling the Physical World: Perception, Learning, and Control at NeurIPS, 2018



Empirical comparison of pretrained models for the classification of retinal OCT images [Poster]

Alison Pouplin and Anil Bharath

Workshop: Women in Machine Learning at NeurIPS, 2018

Loss functions in imbalanced classification [Poster]

Katarzina Janocha, Alison Pouplin, Claire Higgins, Nick Linton and Anil Bharath

Medical Imaging Summer School, 2018

Modelling the evolution of skin lesions over-time using a Bidirectional Generative Adversarial Network [Poster] [Code]

Alison Pouplin, Antonia Creswell, and Anil Bharath

BMVA special issue on Cancer, 2017